January 1, 2011

Toilet Repairs

Nobody wants to deal with a broken toilet. It’s embarrassing, and it smells terrible. Toilets are hard to repair, and they cost a lot of money to replace. The most common problems with toilets stem from a few places. A professional knows what to do and can fix the problem in very little time. Repairing your toilet will make your home look better, smell fresher, and make your life easier.

Toilet repairs and replacements best left to professionals

toilet-582538_960_720Toilets are difficult to fix correctly. If you make a mistake in the repair, your water bill may go up. There is also the risk of bad odors and leaks that can damage your home.

A certified, professional plumber is the only person you should allow to work on your toilet problem. Hiring a real professional will save you both the cost and headache of dealing with these issues.

Wear and Tear on Toilets

The wear and tear of regular use cause many common toilet problems. Old, decaying grout can be the cause of leaking. Leaks are also known to be created by fitting or seals to the water source, floor drain, or between the tank and the bowl portion of the toilet.

Buildup over a long period of time causes some toilet clogs. When an excess of toilet paper or other objects are flushed down the drain of the toilet, it will stop up any toilet. However, many of these problems do not have to happen. They can be prevented by responsible use of your bathroom facilities. However, toilet repair or replacement is an eventual fact of life.

Typical Toilet Repair Issues

Normally, toilet repairs are about fixing a few simple problems. The most common issues are leaks, clogs, and running. These are simple to fix with a few parts. The key parts needed for these easy toilet repairs are affordable. They are also easy to find. However, most toilets have individual parts made by the manufacturer that fit that particular model and brand of toilet.

Most Plumbing professionals carry a wide variety of replacement parts. They do this because it is easier for everyone and saves time. Hopefully, they will have the part they need and be able to fix it in one visit. If the plumber does not have the right part with them, they will usually be able to find it in stock at the shop they work at or at a plumbing supply house.

Toilet Replacements

bathroom-490781_960_720What if you must have your toilet replaced? In that case, a certified plumber should be the one to perform the work. It takes a good deal of knowledge and experience to install a toilet the right way. Only a professional plumber will be prepared to deal with the many issues that arise during a toilet installation.

Toilet installation involves important steps that take a fair amount of time. This includes determining the right sizing, alignment, shimming, fitting, and troubleshooting. At best, it will take an amateur a very long time. At worst, potential mistakes will cost you even more money.

Let a certified plumber handle the job. While toilet repair and replacement is not something anyone wants to think about, it happens. Every homeowner will have to face these problems, but there are professionals ready to help you.

Keep your sanity and hire certified professional, McCary’s Plumbing repair to handle you toilet repairs or replacements.