January 1, 2011

Sewer Line Repairs

Property owners worry about sewer line damage. Because even a small amount of damage or leakage in any of the pipes can cause problems for those living in the area, it is a serious problem. A big network of sewer lines connects with the main city sewerage pipe. When a sewer line leaks, the local authorities will worry about ground water contamination.  Oftentimes, there will be a noticeable smell in the area of the leak.

IMAG0358-smDifferent kinds of damages that affect sewer pipes

At times, the pipes deteriorate and decay due to water corrosion. Eventually, parts of the pipe might collapse or break. Consequently, this can cause the flow in the pipe to slow down or stop. Therefore, when there is a lot of grease build-up, it can block the sewer pipe, causing it to leak. Foreign objects that get lodged within the sewer pipes can create a blockage as well.

It is important to replace old pipes in a timely manner. Otherwise, they will crack and break. Those cracks or breaks are called fissures. Sometimes, the pipe can even break apart completely. Furthermore, shifting earth from construction, seismic activity, or extreme changes in the outside temperature all cause fissures.

  • Joints are the most vulnerable portions of a pipe. The seals of the joints are damaged easily.
  • Ground conditions often cause pipes to sink. These pipes are called sunken or bellied pipes.
  • Tree roots can grow into pipes and break through, causing leaks and disrupting the flow of water.
  • Old pipes and pipes made with low quality material often are main reasons for leakages.

IMAG0360-smTrench System for Sewer Repairs

The “trench system” is the traditional method. In this system, the goal is to dig up the damaged pipe and the surrounding area. This is the method most often used by McCary’s Plumbing Repair, and it is the most affordable way to solve the problem.  First, camera inspections identify the area of damage. Finally, an experienced plumber digs trenches to get to the pipe.

If you suspect your sewer lines need repair call McCary’s Plumbing Repair and have us perform an inspection.