January 1, 2011

Garbage Disposal Repair

A garbage disposal is an essential item in every kitchen. Now and then, your garbage disposal may leak, lose a lot of power, or break down entirely. When that happens, it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Garbage Disposals in Disrepair are Unsanitary

When a garbage disposal goes without service for too long, it can become a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and mildew. It can also create an unusable hole in your drainage system.  There are many problems that can arise with your garbage disposal.

Garbage disposal repair is usually the simplest way to ensure a long, lasting life from your appliance. For example, a clogged garbage disposal is a relatively small problem that is easy to avoid, but it is also easy to fix. Leaking garbage disposals are another common problem. Leaks are not so easy to avoid, but they make for simple repair jobs.


How Garbage Disposals Work

It will help to have a basic understanding of how a garbage disposal works. Then, you can better understand how to prevent problems and what the benefits of garbage disposal repair are. In its most basic form, a garbage disposal is a flat steel blade with sharp points. When the blade is attached to the motor, it spins rapidly to mash up the food that has been washed down the feeding tube in your sink. When water is added, this fast-paced spinning and grinding creates a thickened liquid out of the food. That makes it possible to wash it away like water through your homes drainage system.

Of course, a motor and moving parts means many opportunities for problems and breakdowns. One common issue is that the steel plate can become jammed, which means it can’t spin freely and tear up the food fed into it. If the steel plate is stuck, it can cause problems with the motor as well. The motor will often continue to try moving the blade, and it can burn out. Underneath the disposal is a spot where an hex wrench can be useded to back up the motor. Just a bit of movement can allow the motor enough momentum to grind through what was blocking it.


Garbage Disposal Maintenance Tips

Regular, simple maintenance can be performed to ensure that your garbage disposal runs smoothly and continues to work properly.Using these simple tricks, it is possible to have an appliance that lasts for years. As with any machine, however, problems are inevitable.

  • Feed egg shells into the disposal along with a steady stream of water to sharpen blades.
  • Citrus peels fed through the garbage disposal with a steady stream of water can help to sanitize the appliance.

Garbage disposal repair is a simple service. When it is carried out by a professional, it is affordable, and it is guaranteed to increase the life of your garbage disposal. From replacing the plate to resealing the unit to the sink, most repairs take a small amount of time and can be done in an hour or so. Having your garbage disposal repaired is a painless, good investment that will improve the life of an important kitchen appliance.