January 1, 2011

Faucet & Fixture Services

tap-791172_960_720The faucets and fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen are an important part of what brings your home together. They are both useful and tie the home together visually. At times, you will need to have them serviced or replaced.


There are plumbing problems that everyone will face who owns a home. At some point, everyone has a dripping faucet or a shower head that has a horrible level of pressure. Replacing leaky or broken fixtures is a affordable way to spruce up the appearance of your home. Like a simple remodel, it will have your kitchen or bathroom looking brand new. Replacing these faucets and shower heads will also keep your water bill down. Pick stylish fixtures, and they can give your home a whole new feel.

Faucet and Fixture Replacement

bathroom-690774_960_720While kitchen and bathroom faucets will deteriorate over time, this is not a disaster as many would think. The process of faucet replacement and faucet and fixture services is surprisingly hassle-free. In most cases, McCary’s Plumbing will being able to finish the job in less than an hour. This all depends on the setup and layout of your fixtures. It is important to get your faucets and fixtures serviced now and then, but wear and tear means they will eventually need to be replaced. This is a technical job that is best handled by an expert, professional plumber.

Shower head and Tub Faucet replacements

shower-1027904_960_720Shower head replacements are also easy for a professional to install. It normally does not require a water shutoff that can result in air in the plumbing. There are a many types of shower heads. There is a huge selection to choose from with styles to compliment any decorating theme.

When buying a shower head replacement, there are three things to look for. First, be sure that you look for the pressure you want. Second, make certain that the shower head replacement you buy fits the decor of your bathroom. Third, and most important, you need to check that it will fit into your bathing area, as well as the plumbing on the shower neck.  Do these three things, and you will be left with a shower head you love that will last you many years.

Kitchen faucet replacements

The replacement of kitchen and bathroom faucets is a harder job because the fixtures are connected directly to the water supply. Almost all modern faucets and fixtures have something called an angle valve for quick and easy shutoff. However, these fixtures may be grouted in and can be in hard to access places for the sake of appearance. Jobs like this are always best left to the professionals. Someone who has knowledge about plumbing installation and maintenance is the only person who should handle the job. You wouldn’t want to pick out a fixture and realize it doesn’t fit!

The polite professionals at McCary’s Plumbing will help you pick out the right fixtures and install them in your home. It saves you time and money, while giving your home a whole new look. Try this fast and easy way to give your home a pick-me-up.

Don’t let those old, rusty fixtures degrade the value of your home. Look into replacement fixtures today!